Twenty of the best shorts are selected each year. The main criterium for selection is the quality of the audio-visual work, rather than the equal representation of the six countries. The discussions with the authors after the screenings enhance the four screening blocks. 


It will be the first time that this competition will present a selection of the most noteworthy live-action, animated, documentary and experimental feature length films. The title In the Heart of Europe concerns the V4 countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland) along with Austria and Ukraine. The selection consists of 10 pre-selected films. The competition of feature length films is a natural extension of the program following the short film competition that is a traditional part of the festival.


The section offers a non-competitive selection of feature films from the Visegrad countries, Austria and Ukraine. Like the short film competition, it concludes with a selection of countries neighboring Slovakia, which are closest to each other not only due to common borders, but also due to their past and culture. The films are shown in premieres and previews, often with the participation of creators.


Film+ presents the award-winning films and distribution premieres of the highly anticipated films. It offers the newest titles from renowned filmmakers who move the world of arthouse cinema. 


What can you expect from the section without limits?  Unexpected casting, the fluidity of genres, plot twists. Programming team goes wild and chooses the most interesting, boundary-breaking and untraditional titles. The section gives space to the young authors, debut filmmakers, but also well-experienced directors. The only criterium is the quality of the audio-visual work.  If you don't believe us, go and see with your own eyes in our cinemas. You will see the most innovative, unusual and grotesque works.  Bring an open mind, pinch of bravery, sit back and enjoy the selection on the edge of the limit.


The archive sections across many festivals are experiencing an unexpected renaissance. From the classics of the first half of the twentieth century to the films which formed the viewer and the industry as we know it today. Our archival section THE MIRROR OF THE TIME always has a connecting theme. Besides, all the films are newly restored, so the viewer is left with an unforgettable experience.


The midnight section offers an opportunity to spend festival evenings in the company of the dark film genres. These films usually find their dedicated audiences on specialised festivals, which separates them from the mainstream festival audiences. We search the darkest depths of this niche to put together the well-curated spectrum of the scary sexy and the most thrilling films produced all across the world. 


This section traditionally offers a selection of films for schools. This year, we expanded with afternoon screenings for the public. Teens, children and their parents can also watch films and attend the workshops during the weekend. The programme for children offers a colourful selection of films and creates a necessary platform for the children's questions.  But mainly, it is the space full of exciting experiences and time spent with family and friends watching magical moving pictures.