Ivo Trajkov: Storytelling Secrets Revealed

Wednesday, March 15, 15:00, Manifest Bohema (Hurbanovo nam. 1)
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(in English)

How to create and develop dynamic of the characters by director, screenwriter, editor and wanted dramaturg Ivo Trajkov. Unique view on the characters three levels of dynamic and functionality of dynamic in the narrative strategies. The art of storytelling formula: “Making the audience want to know what happens next” (E.M. Forester), reached by practical usage of dynamic elements in creating of characters.

In co-operation with Midpoint Institute.


Lucia Kajanková: Queer Storytelling

Wednesday, March 15, 17:00, Manifest Bohema (Hurbanovo nam. 1)
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(in English)

What makes a story queer? Is it the mere presence of LGTQ+ identified characters? Or is there more to the queerness of stories we tell, in a culture and society that deemed them taboo until quite recently? There was a rapid shift from caricatures or queer-coded monsters in cinema and television to proudly queer works dominating the festival scene and in some cases even mainstream cinema box office as well as streaming series hits. The presentation will touch on the topics of representation’s importance versus tokenism, the question of queerbaiting versus mainstreaming and also who has the “right” to tell queer stories (and who “owes” the audience their coming out). And finally - why do we even need the queer label, to highlight queer stories, in the 21st century still?

In co-operation with Midpoint Institute.


New director, new visions of the Slovak Audiovisual Fund

Thursday, March 16, 13:00, Slovak National Gallery
(in Slovak only)

Since January, the Slovak Audiovisual Fund has a new director, Peter Badač. How will this change impact the institution itself and the whole Slovak audio-visual industry? Together with Peter Badač we will discuss his visions for the Fund, where he sees a potential for improvement, and in which way we can be inspired from abroad.


Works in Progress presentation

Friday, March 17, 10:00, Slovak National Gallery

Works in Progress is a public presentation of upcoming Slovak films for representatives of international film festivals, industry platforms, and sales agents. The pitching session is followed by pre-scheduled individual meetings.


Jim Stark: The Role of the Producer in Independent Filmmaking

Friday, March 17, 16:30, Kino Klap FTF VŠMU
(in English)

Producer and scriptwriter Jim Stark has helped many of the cult indie US and European films to get made and seen, including collaboration with Jim Jarmusch (Down by Law, Mystery Train, Night on Earth, Coffee and Cigarettes), Szabolcs Hajdu (Mirage) or Corneliu Porumboiu (La Gomera). Recently he worked as an executive producer of Triangle of Sadness, which won four prizes at European Film Awards.

In co-operation with Visegrad Film Forum.


Notes from Eremocene + BID Awards Ceremony

Friday, March 17, 19:30, Slovak National Gallery
(in English)

Viera Čákanyová's work attracts attention domestically and internationally. Her films have a unique atmosphere, and touch on current topics. Notes from Eremocene is a film from a future yet to exist. In an audiovisual postcard that the author sends to the future, she combines diary entries on film material and images from a 3D scanner, emphasizing the tension between humanity’s analogue and digital future. Like Viera's previous film FREM, Notes from Eremocén is straight from Berlinale to Febiofest audiences.