A Journey Through French Cinema / Voyage à travers le cinéma

Putovanie francúzskym filmom

documentary / 2016 / France / col. / 190 min.

Director: Bertrand Tavernier
Screenplay: Bertrand Tavernier
Photography: Jérôme Almeras, Simon Beaufils, Julien Pamart, Camille Clement, Garance Garnier
Editor: Guy Lecorne

In French cinema, the proverbial trees that block the forest from view bear the name the Nouvelle vague. This film, an original distillation from the inexhaustible arsenal of images and forms that hides the forest (i. e. classic French cinema), was created by a director who always differed from his colleagues in the extent to which he immersed himself in the history of this art form. From this perspective, Bertrand Tavernier is only matched today by his friend Martin Scorsese – with both employing a similar approach to pay their passion forward. Audiences can therefore be certain that in three uncommonly dense festival hours they will not be subjected to a rehashing of picked-over material, but will instead be treated to discoveries, surprises, and unexpected connections. Open your eyes wide, mesdames et messieurs! (source: Karlovy Vary IFF)