Block of competition films I (92 min.)

Spolu sami / Apart

animated / 2018 / Czech Republic / col. / 10 min.

Director: Diana Cam Van Nguyen
Screenplay: Diana Cam Van Nguyen, Lukáš Janičík
Photography: Kryštof Melka
Editor: Lukáš Janičík
Cast: Barbora Vildová, Ondřej Gabaš, Petr Cuker

This animated documentary introduces 3 friends who share the same experience – when they were teenagers, one of their parents died. This film explore how they feel before and after this event. They tell us about their experiences – from the rejection to the anger and finally to the acceptance. This film is a portrait of young people, who had to grow up too soon.

Obliehanie / A Siege / Ostrom

fiction / 2018 / Hungary / col. / 23 min.

Director: István Kovács
Screenplay: Kálmán Gasztonyi
Photography: Zoltán Dévényi
Editor: Péter Gábor Duszka
Music: Adrian Porta
Cast: Vedrana Božinović, Mirela Lambić, Radoje Čupić, Nenad Pećinar, Zsolt Trill

1994, Sarajevo. No water, no electricity nor food in the town under siege. Tea Mikic, despite the horrible war conditions, manages to keep her positivity. She lost her husband during the war and is completely self-sufficient. She is getting ready for something in the morning, so she decides to find water, and neither her neighbours nor sniper fire can stop her.


documentary / 2018 / Poland / col. / 17 min.

Director: Klaudia Kęska
Screenplay: Klaudia Kęska
Photography: Jan Barszczewski
Editor: Alan Zejer
Cast: Michael Chmielewski

Film directing student Michael Chmielewski is tasked with recreating the final scene from The Godfather. Instead of hiring professional actors, he sets up a casting call at the local orphanage in Katowice, Poland.

Last Call

fiction / 2018 / Hungary / col. / 27 min.

Director: Hajni Kis
Screenplay: Hajni Kis, Fanni Szántó
Photography: Ákos Nyoszoli
Editor: Vanda Gorácz
Cast: Kati Zsurzs, Ferenc Kozáry, Tamás Ördög, Csilla Berencsi-Eke

Anikó Kárpáti is 61 and this is her last day in Budapest. She hopes for a better life with her daughterʼs family abroad, but first she must close everything that still connects her to Hungary. Anikó begins a mad dash through the city, but at the end of this frantic day she must face what is ahead of her and the things that she leaves behind.


documentary / 2018 / Slovakia / col. / 15 min.

Director: Soňa Nôtová
Screenplay: Soňa Nôtová
Photography: Soňa Nôtová
Editor: Soňa Nôtová
Cast: Soňa Nôtová

European girl, Muslim boy. Both ran away for different reasons and now they meet in Greece, opening up towards the world and hoping for a better future.