Block of competition films II (89 min.)

Pán Mora / Mr. Mare / Lidérc úr

animated / 2019 / Hungary, France / col. / 19 min.

Director: Luca Tóth
Screenplay: Luca Tóth
Animation: Luca Tóth, Dániel Bárány
Music: Csaba Kalotás

Fifty-year-old Boris, balding and big-bellied, is madly in love with the young and beautiful Cezar. But Boris was born from Cezarʼs flank and is the size of a mouse. He leads a clandestine life entirely devoted to he who is both his progenitor and the object of his affection. Everything shifts dramatically the day when Cezar, who is unaware of Borisʼs existence, brings a woman back to their love nest.

Inštruktáž / The Briefing / Odprawa

documentary / 2018 / Poland / col. / 19 min.

Director: Filip Drzewiecki
Screenplay: Filip Drzewiecki
Photography: Jakub Giza
Editor: Paweł Laskowski

A group of students must care for their first patients during a Medicinal Intern summer camp. The young adepts will have a short time to grow into fully fledged doctors and achieve their vocation. The film vividly portrays the experiences and the tempo of a physicians’ work – the pace is fast and every case is a unique one.

Where Do We Go

experimental / 2018 / Austria / col. / 4 min.

Director: Siegfried A. Frühauf
Music: Jörg Mikula

Where Do We Go reveals itself to be a synesthetic experiment rendering sight as rhythmical and the visual edit as musical. The filmmaker painstakingly animates brief phases of movement recorded with a Lomography Supersampler to create a visual series of trains, tracks, bridges and nature that are re-constellated and brought together in a multiple split-screen projection. He edited individual photographic fragments into a continuous stream of images, a perforated time space continuum in which the motion of one image seems to be transported to the next image, expanding and contracting in space.


fiction / 2018 / Poland / col. / 28 min.

Director: Damian Kocur
Photography: Damian Kocur
Editor: Jerzy Zawadzki, Damian Kocur
Music: Marcin Macuk
Cast: Ariel Makara, Paweł B.

It is 1410 and one of the greatest battles of medieval Europe is about to begin. The tensions between the Kingdom of Poland and the Great Teutonic Order have reached an all-time high. A knight and his squire respond to King Jogaila’s call and travel across Poland to arrive at the fields of Grunwald. Humour is intertwined with history, social commentary and the story about Don Quixote and Sancho Pansa.

Betónová doba / Concrete Times

documentary / 2018 / Slovakia / col. / 19 min.

Director: Lucia Kašová
Screenplay: Lucia Kašová
Photography: Martin Jurči
Editor: Nikola Kišová
Music: Martin Turčan
Cast: Blaho Uhlár, Juraj Bohunský Ján Severíni

Changes of Bratislava, which lies on the river Danube, depicted in a city symphony with nostalgia for the past and uncertainty of the outcome of a future developing project – the highest building in the city. A philosophical assemblage of the different worlds of people who never meet, despite sharing the same geographical location – one kilometer of one riverbank of one city, any city.