Block of competition films III (93 min.)


experimental / 2018 / Czech Republic / col. / 15 min.

Director: Mark Ther
Screenplay: Mark Ther
Photography: Lukáš Milota
Editor: Zuzana Walter
Cast: Naoko Igusa, Petr Holý, Yoshimi Yokoyama

Countess Mitsuko Maria Thekla Coudenhove-Kalergi was the first Japanese female to come to Europe at the turn of the 19th century. She lived mostly in the area of the Bavarian border and administered the Poběžovice Castle, an estate of her deceased husband, Count Heinrich Coudenhove-Kalergi. She was a strong and well educated woman, never left by the nostalgia for her home. The film is loosely inspired by historical sources, relying on the unique imagination of Mark Ther and his proven feel for the narrative of the untold.


documentary / 2018 / Poland / col. / 15 min.

Director: Teresa Czepiec
Photography: Ernest Wilczyński
Editor: Jerzy Zawadzki

Stanisław Radwan, a charismatic composer, is working on the music for a play, creating it not only from musical tones, but also from other sounds, like the actors’ footsteps, whispers, shouts and screams.

Prepáčte, hľadám stolnotenisovú miestnosť a svoju priateľku / Entschuldigung, ich suche den Tischtennisraum und meine Freundin / Excuse Me, Iʼm Looking for the Ping-pong Room and My Girlfriend

fiction / 2018 / Austria, Germany, Sweden / col. / 23 min.

Director: Bernhard Wenger
Screenplay: Bernhard Wenger
Photography: Albin Wildner
Editor: Rupert Höller
Music: Mario Fartacek
Cast: Rasmus Luthander, Anna Aström, Elli Tringou, Carl Achleitner

A film about a couple on a wellness trip, in which one partner disappears and the other isnʼt sure whether heʼs looking for her or himself. Within the bizarre world of an alpine wellness resort, Aron begins a new chapter in his life.

Šarkan / The Kite

animated / 2019 / Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland / col. / 13 min.

Director: Martin Smatana
Screenplay: Martin Smatana
Photography: Ondřej Nedvěd
Editor: Lucie Navrátilová
Music: Aliaksandr Yasinski

Summer is coming to the end. Grandpa gives his grandson a kite. As the boy is tossed around in the air, Grandpa catches him. Then the leaves fall and Grandpa has grown weak. A strong autumn wind carries him off into the cloudy sky. Winter comes, then springtime. A warm breeze brings them together again. Told with enchanting, richly-textured images, this tale is about remembering those who are no longer with us.

Dezertér / Deserter / Dezertir

fiction / 2019 / Czech Republic, Ukraine / col. / 27 min.

Director: Sasha Stelchenko
Screenplay: Sasha Stelchenko
Photography: Matěj Piňos
Editor: Alexander Kashcheev
Cast: Nikolaj Bondarenko, Oleg Gotsuliak, Svetlana Moiseenko, Viktor Glushkov, Oleksandr Krasko

One day, Nikolaj finds out that Sergey deserted the fighting in the East and took his gun with him. Nikolaj starts to suspect that his wife is keeping something from him and is hiding a son