Block of competition films IV (76 min.)

Operation Jane Walk

documentary, experimental / 2018 / Austria / col. / 16 min.

Director: Robin Klengel, Leonhard Müllner
Screenplay: Robin Klengel, Leonhard Müllner
Photography: Leonhard Müllner
Editor: Robin Klengel, Leonhard Müllner
Cast: Jacob Banigan (narrator)

Operation Jane Walk is based on the dystopian multiplayer shooter Tom Clancy’s: The Division. The game’s digital war zone is appropriated with the help of an artistic operation: the militaristic environment is being re-used for a pacifistic city tour. While walking through the post-apocalyptic city, issues such as architecture history and urbanism are being discussed.

Biele vrany a hrdinovia medzi nami: Na hranici / Unsung Heroes: Borderline

documentary / 2018 / Slovakia / col. / 26 min.

Director: Dominik Jursa
Screenplay: Dominik Jursa
Photography: Radka Šišuláková, Michal Fulier
Editor: Michal Lipa
Music: Martin Barabáš
Cast: Zuzana Hlávková, Gabriel Šípoš, Jana Feherpataky-Kuzmová, Miloslav Bahna, Katarína Čavojská

The youngest citizens of our country don’t see their perspective at home. Even when they come back from abroad, the society cannot offer them equal opportunities. In spite of their negative experience, many of them feel that they are needed here.

Imperial Valley (cultivated run-off)

experimental, documentary / 2018 / Austria, Germany / col. / 14 min.

Director: Lukas Marxt
Photography: Lukas Marxt
Editor: Lukas Marxt

Accompanied by baleful, alarming, whistling, booming electro sounds (Jung An Tagen), a speedy drone flight over Californiaʼs Imperial Valley becomes a journey in an extinct, abstract, uncanny, hostile landscape: a dystopian science fiction scenario, anchored in the reality of the present. Although manmade, it is not a place for people anymore, neither ontologically nor in reality. The post-apocalypse is not a matter of the future, we are already in the thick of it.

Budúcu stredu / Next Wednesday / Jövő szerdán

fiction / 2018 / Hungary / col. / 13 min.

Director: Norbert Molvay
Screenplay: Norbert Molvay
Photography: Marcell Simó
Editor: Krisztián Pamuki
Cast: Andrea Waskovics, Barbara Szitás, Zoltán Géczi

A young girl with a dark secret tries to relieve her heavy heart by taking a walk in the city. She visits places and meets people she doesn’t want to to find her redemption.

Extrakce / Extraction

documentary / 2018 / Slovakia / col. / 7 min.

Director: Kateřina Hroníková
Screenplay: Kateřina Hroníková
Photography: Kateřina Hroníková
Editor: Kateřina Hroníková
Cast: Jelizaveta Libenko • Yelyzaveta Libenko, Natalya Libenko

A metaphorical reflection of social detachment through participatory method unveils a relationship between a young Ukrainian girl Elizaveta and her mother, a dentist. A brave analogy of an extracted tooth, a social requisite and spiritual immaculateness commences an on-screen clash of alienating details and an intimite tableau of family life.