Chaque mur est une porte / Every Wall Is a Door / Každý múr je i bránou

documentary / 2017 / France / col. / 59 min.

In the surrealist set of a program of the Bulgarian state television dedicated to youth a female journalist poses philosophical questions to workers, hippies, and political scientists: “At the end of the life, what expectations are the most important, those that were fulfilled or those that were failed?” We are right in 1989 and the Berlin Wall has just been dismantled, and the young journalist is my mother. Every Wall is a Door is a film made of political archives, in addition to personal texts. During this strange program she keeps asking herself on the failed revolutions and their imprint on our lives.

Director: Elica Georgieva
Editor: Mélanie Braux
Music: Xavier Damon
Cast: Svetla Kamenova, Erika Lazarova, Evgeni Dainov, Desislava, Bojko Pangelov, Georgi Todorov, Angel Wagenstein, Antoni Todorov, Ivo Indžev, Dragomir Draganov