Constructing Slovakia: Winter Harbour

Budujeme Slovensko: Zimný prístav

documentary / 2017 / Slovakia / col. / 26 min.

Director: Bibiana Beňová
Screenplay: Bibiana Beňová
Photography: Denisa Buranová, Lukáš Teren
Editor: Alexandra Gojdičová

This film is part of a cycle of documentary portraits of cities where industry was built up and Slovak history was made. Abandoned industrial buildings serve as a backdrop to an alternative perspective on central European history, as well as a key to a critical examination of the past. The first film on the sugar refinery in Šurany is now followed by Winter Harbour. – Two photographers roam around the old port in Bratislava. Under the arms of immense cranes, they collect photographs, but also fishermen’s stories and memories. Stories of Danube full of poetic nostalgia are followed by tales of firmly wired socialist border, whose “protection” was held above human life. Depicting a port slumbering in the past, this film attempts to examine the fickleness of the meaning of various borders: geographical, mental, ethical and aesthetical ones, as well as personal and social limits...