Politikum.cz / Politikum.cz

block of documentary films / 94 min.

Attention Economy: 39 Minutes after the Presidential Election / Attention Economy: 39 minut po zvolení prezidenta

documentary / 2018 / Czech Republic / col. / 8 min.

Director: Petr Salaba
Photography: Alexander Šulc, Pavlína Kosová, Jan Šípek, Petr Salaba

A mosaic of videos that use different perspectives to record the actors and witnesses of the incident widely discussed in the media and related to re-electing Miloš Zeman the President of the Czech Republic at the end of January 2018. The film image, divided into several frames with parallel events, is a voyeuristic view of the exacerbated situation that occurred shortly after Zeman’s press conference at the congress Top Hotel in Prague. The journalists and film documentarists present at the press conference got into conflict with Zeman’s aggressive supporters after a man collapsed in the lounge. (source: www.ji-hlava.com)

Solos for Members of Parliament / Sóla pro poslance a senátory

documentary / 2018 / Czech Republic / col. / 34 min.

Director: Tereza Bernátková
Editor: Mariana Kozáková
Music: Filip Johánek

Twenty-one politicians reply to the question of how they view the Czech Republic’s future. The survey, built on the democratic principles of equality and freedom of speech, provides the same conditions for all of the interviewees and presents their uncensored and complete responses. However, this raw materials provides more testimony regarding the present than the future, as it unmasks the faces MPs and senators present to the public and demonstrates the rhetorical means they use to expand political power. Freedom is a double-edged sword depending on whose hands hold it. The same applies to media as a tool used for disseminating propaganda as well as for undermining it. (source: www.ji-hlava.com)

Illusion / Iluze

documentary / 2018 / Czech Republic / col. / 52 min.

Director: Kateřina Turečková
Screenplay: Kateřina Turečková
Photography: Ludvík Otevřel
Editor: Lucie Navrátilová

In her original concept of a film as a computer game, the author presents her personal report from Budapest where she was spent a year as a student. The viewers take part in a game, going through several levels that put them into everyday situations related to the issues of the contemporary Hungarian society: they see the capital with the eyes of tourists, but they are mostly forced to use the subjective perspective of the Hungarians to think about the freedom of art, the right to education, medical care, and the questionable Hungarian political situation in general where the name of the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, is often heard again and again. (source: www.ji-hlava.com)