Emmanuel Macron: Behind the Rise / Emmanuel Macron: Les Coulisses dʼune victoire

Emmanuel Macron: Zákulisie víťazstva

documentary / 2017 / France / col. / 90 min.

Director: Yann LʼHénoret
Screenplay: Yann LʼHénoret
Editor: Stephanie Drean, Florence Maunier
Music: Arnaud Renaville
Cast: Emmanuel Macron, Sibeth Ndiaye, Marine Le Pen, Pierre Arditi, François Bayrou, Stéphane Bern, Philippe Besson, Ismaël Emelien

April 23th 2017: Emmanuel Macron leads the first round of the French presidential election and will face right wing extremist Marine Le Pen. An exceptional result for such a young man, who is only thirty-nine, unknown from the general public three years ago. For eight months, this particular camera was the only one allowed to film the behind the scenes of Emanuel Macronʼs extraordinary rise. From general secretary of the Elysée to presidential candidate, this rookie in politics moved from the shadows to public spotlight in minimal time. From the creation of his political party, to the results of the final round on May 7th we offer you the only film that shows the inside of Emmanuel Macron’s campaign, favorite to become the next French President.