Finding Vivian Maier / Hľadanie Vivian Maier

documentary / 2013 / USA / col. / 83 min.

This story of a mysterious woman will lead us into the streets of New York and Chicago, where Vivian Maier captured over 100,000 incredible photographs between 1950 and her death in 2009. And yet, she never shared them with anybody throughout her life. For decades, the photographs were tucked away in dusty boxes and they were later discovered through pure chance. The sheer artistic value of this work was so significant that Vivian Maier is currently considered to be one of the most distinctive personalities of 20th century photography. However, her solitary life remains shrouded in mystery. Who was this peculiar nanny? Why did she keep her biggest passion a secret? The mosaic of her fascinating life is assembled out of unpublished photographs, films and interviews with dozens of people who thought that they knew her well.

Director: John Maloof, Charlie Siskel
Screenplay: John Maloof, Charlie Siskel
Photography: John Maloof
Editor: Aaron Wickenden
Music: J. Ralph
Cast: Vivian Maier (archive footage), John Maloof, Daniel Arnaud, Simon Amédé, Maren Baylaender, Eula Biss, Bindy Bitterman, Roger Carlson, Phil Donahue, Karen Frank, Tim Roth