Freedom / Freiheit


fiction / 2017 / Germany, Slovakia / col. / 100 min.

Director: Jan Speckenbach
Screenplay: Jan Speckenbach, Andreas Deinert
Photography: Tilo Hauke
Editor: Jan Speckenbach
Cast: Johanna Wokalek, Hans-Jochen Wagner, Inga Birkenfeld, Andrea Szabová, Ondrej Kovaľ, Rubina Labusch, Georg Arms

Nora (40) walks out on her husband and two children without a word of explanation. She is driven by an irresistible force. She wants to be free. She roams through a museum in Vienna, has sex with a young man and hitchhikes randomly on to Bratislava. She hides her identity by telling little lies. Once a woman of means leading a comfortable bourgeois life, Nora now changes her look, works as a maid and makes friends with a young Slovakian stripper, Etela, and her husband Tamás, a cook. Meanwhile in Berlin, Noras husband Philip is trying to manage the family, his job as a lawyer and his affair with Monika. Against his own convictions he has to defend a racist teenager in court. The only person Philip really opens up to is the unconscious coma patient beaten up by his young client. Nora’s desire for freedom is Philip’s chain.