fiction / 2018 / Germany / col. / 127 min.

He wants to be a good worker, a great husband, a caring father, an artist, a clown, a politician – he is everything at the same time. Gerhard Gundermann is hero and anti-hero, a constant contradiction, a glittering figure typical of the former East-Germany – and again not. People like him are everywhere. And they offend everywhere.

Director: Andreas Dresen
Screenplay: Laila Stieler
Photography: Andreas Höfer
Editor: Jörg Hauschild
Music: Jens Quandt (music supervisor), songs by Gerhard Gundermann
Cast: Alexander Scheer, Anna Unterberger, Axel Prahl, Thorsten Merten, Eva Weißenborn, Benjamin Kramme, Kathrin Angerer, Milan Peschel, Bjarne Mädel, Peter Sodann