animated/fiction / 2018 / Czech Republic, Slovakia / col. / 98 min.

Director: Jan Švankmajer
Screenplay: Jan Švankmajer
Photography: Jan Růžička, Adam Oľha
Editor: Jan Daňhel
Cast: Jaromír Dulava, Kamila Magálová, Jan Budař, Jiří Lábus, Ivana Uhlířová, Norbert Lichý, Pavel Nový

Animated/featured movie inspired by the Čapek brothersʼ play Pictures from the Insectsʼ Life and the Franz Kafkaʼs Metamorphosis. – A pub in a small town. Pub is closed, the chairs upturned on tables. On a coat-stand hang various insect costumes: a crêpe-paper skirt, cardboard butterfly-wings, and gleaming black and iridescent beetle shells. The six amateur thespians at the table are: the Director, Rose, William, Mr. Forrest, Nettle, Miss Jilly. Tramp is at home, laid up with sciatica. Mrs. Dung-Beetle and Mayfly have not yet turned up. During the rehearsal the amateur actors own life stories interweave with those of the Čapek brothersʼ characters.