Ismaelʼs Ghosts / Les fantômes dʼIsmaël

Ismaelove prízraky

fiction / 2017 / France / col. / 114 min.

Director: Arnaud Desplechin
Screenplay: Arnaud Desplechin, Julie Peyr, Léa Mysius
Photography: Irina Lubtchansky
Editor: Laurence Briaud
Music: Grégoire Hetzel
Cast: Mathieu Amalric, Marion Cotillard, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Louis Garrel, Alba Rohrwacher, Hippolyte Girardot, Jacquet Nolot, Catherine Mouchet, Bruno Todeschini

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Film director Ismael is a self-described widower. Several years after he married 20-year-old Carlotta, she disappeared without a trace. Nothing pointed to foul play. Since then he has been haunted by nightmares, which he chases away with alcohol and pills. He has a very close relationship with Carlotta’s father Henri, also a filmmaker. 20 lonely years after his wife’s disappearance, Ismael meets astrophysicist Sylvia at a party; they grow close and build a harmonic relationship together. But fate has a wicked twist in store. Suddenly a woman appears who claims to be Ismael’s lost wife, setting a turbulent and utterly unpredictable story (or story within a story?) in motion. Typically, director Desplechin fuses his thriller with a love story and even a spy-drama secondary plot. (source: Art Film Fest)