Lada World Tour: Soviet Machines on the Road / Lada svetom – Na žiguli cez Himaláje

documentary / 2019 / Slovakia / col. / 75 min.

From Kysuce to Laos in two months. – Two thirty-year-old “indestructible” Lada cars, two months, 10,000 miles. The cruel Kazakhstan heat, the best shashlik ever in Uzbekistan, the race against time on a non-existent Tajik road or the breaking of an altitude record. Junior, Fabo, Bobor, Bajo, Šašlik and Fuli demonstrate how they fought Chinese bureaucracy, how much rainwater can fit into a Lada with a broken window in the Indian Monsoon Region and why it is not that good to fall off a cliff in a car. Lada World Tour: Soviet Machines on the Road pushes boundaries of what is considered bearable and shows that travel is not always restful.

Director: Michal Fulier
Screenplay: Barbora Sliepková
Photography: Michal Fulier
Editor: Máté Csuport
Music: Samuel Štefanec