Lost Home / Stratený domov

documentary / 2019 / Slovakia / col. / 70 min.

When vast regions in northern Syria and Iraq were captured by the terrorist Islamic State, the world witnessed the biggest migrant crisis since the end of World War II. Family is the cornerstone of society and this film demonstrates how easily it can be endangered by the raging war. The film Lost Home follows the fates of young Slovak rescuers who decided to join the biggest military operation in modern history, the great battle for Mosul, the capital of the self-appointed caliphate. The story has two more protagonists – two Yazidis from the Iraqi–Syrian border region Sinjar, where the Islamic State committed a genocide. While they are desperately trying to get their families to safety, Oliver and Matej voluntarily leave their families behind and risk their lives in the field.

Director: Juraj Mravec ml.
Screenplay: Juraj Mravec ml.
Photography: Juraj Mravec ml.
Cast: Oliver Valentovič, Matej Karlák, Mária Karláková, Klára Bujnová, Iljas Hadži Murat / Ilyas Hadji Murat