Munk Studio presents… / Studio Munka uvádza…

Kreatury / Creatures / Kreatúry

animated / 2014 / Poland / col. / 9 min.

Director: Tessa Moult-Milewska
Screenplay: Tessa Moult-Milewska
Photography: Tessa Moult-Milewska
Editor: Jakub Sobek
Music: Krzystof Aleksander Janczak
Cast (voices): Julia Kołakowska-Bytner, Janusz Wituch, Krzystof Aleksander Janczak, Stanisław Sygitowicz

A grotesque love story. The two caricatural central characters, Harold and Matylda, are struggling to confront social ostracism and enter into a bungling endeavour to manipulate their obscene image for the better. The rough form of cut-out animation, inspired by the works of Roald Dahl, Lotte Reiniger and Edward Gorey, takes us into an unpredictable and eclectic world of dark imaginings and, finally, poses a question: Who, in fact, are the Creatures?

Ciemnego pokoju nie trzeba się bać / Don’t Be Afraid of a Dark Room / Nebojte sa tmavej izby

fiction / 2009 / Poland / col. / 38 min.

Director: Kuba Czekaj
Screenplay: Kuba Czekaj
Photography: Adam Palenta
Editor: Daniel Gąsiorowski
Music: Zygmunt Konieczny
Cast: Emilia Stachurska, Przemysław Bluszcz, Jowita Budnik, Anna Ilczuk, Andrzej Mastalerz

It is a story of an endless love of an eleven-year-old girl, Łata, to her father. Łata is preparing a song for a school play, organised to celebrate the forthcoming Father's Day. It makes the girl look more closely at her father than usual. In an attempt to describe her feelings as best as she can, she slowly begins to uncover his hidden secrets...


fiction / 2015 / Poland / col. / 32 min.

Director: Szymon Kapeniak
Screenplay: Szymon Kapeniak
Photography: Jacek Podgórski
Editor: Paweł Laskowski
Music: Hubert Zemler
Cast: Daniil Mireškin • Daniil Mireschkin, Oleg Šerbina • Oleg Scherbina, Jevgenij Jarošuk • Evgeny Yaroschuk, Natalija Terlecka • Natalia Terletska, Vladyslav Bokatov, Oksana Stepčuk • Oksana Stepchuk

Roma, Stach and Chudy work illegally in the grounds of a declining steelworks. Roma is in the throes of a burning romance and decides to leave the job, seeing his new feelings as an excuse for changing his life. His friends aim to dissuade him. After a long day at work, they visit his significant other and one of the many versions of the tale of Cain and Abel unfolds...

Obiekt / Objekt / Object

documentary / 2015 / Poland / col. / 15 min.

Director: Paulina Skibińska
Screenplay: Paulina Skibińska
Photography: Jakub Stolecki
Editor: Katarzyna Boniecka
Cast: Grzegorz Zubowicz

The documentary is a creative image of a search and recovery action played out in the spaces of two worlds; a wilderness of ice and under the water. It tells its tale from the standpoints of the search and recovery team, the diver who penetrates the world beneath the ice and the ordinary people waiting on the shore.

Chłopcy / The Boys / Chlapci

fiction / 2013 / Poland / col. / 21 min.

Director: Paweł Orwat
Screenplay: Michał Patryarcha, Paweł Orwat
Photography: Patryk Jordanowicz
Editor: Arkadiusz Chaliński
Music: Andrzej Smolik
Cast: Tomasz Adamski, Marek Zawadzki, Łukasz Simlat

Michał and Kid plan to commit a random murder. They choose their prey and follow it persistently. For Kid, the older and uncompromising Michał becomes an authority. At first, as he gets influenced by the older friend, the boy considers the murder as a test of strength, but he gradually comes to understand what harsh consequences it might bring. The Boys is a story of an evil that grows inside a person and about the human weakness as well as social solitude.