My Name Is Hungry Buffalo

Jmenuji se Hladový Bizon

documentary / 2016 / Czech Republic, Slovakia / col. / 83 min.

Director: Pavel Jurda
Screenplay: Pavel Jurda
Photography: Jiři Strnad
Editor: Marek Šulík
Music: David Smečka
Cast: Jan Pavlíček, Zuzana Pavlíčková, Blackhorse

Jan calls himself Buffalo. He loves cowboys, he’s blind, and may lose his hearing. Pavel Jurda’s documentary follows his journey to America to visit the chief of the Navajo tribe, who wants to perform a ritual to help his hearing. The film is full of unpretentious humor thanks to Jan’s charisma. In the USA, he’s like the Don Quixote of the Wild West – a naive adventurer in a world that is much more ordinary than his imagination. This observational, but not standoffish, film is also an example of how the medium of film can relate to blind people by constantly showing the difference between what Jan perceives and what we actually see. (source: Ji.hlava IDFF)