Ne travaille pas (1968 – 2018) / Donʼt Work (1968–2018) / Nepracuj (1968 – 2018)

documentary / 2018 / France / col. / 88 min.

Fifty years after May 68 events, two French students here and now. Elsa Michaud and Gabriel Gauthier are both students at the Beaux-Arts school in Paris. They are in a relationship and conduct artistic research together. They become artists in chaotic times. The footage, without dialogue, hypnotised by the music of the duo Avia x Orly, combines gestures, symbols, world events and the everyday life of the two students from March 2017 to March 2018. The film harnesses the frenzy of the digital flow through a visual proposal. It presents the paradoxes of a society celebrating the events of May 68, fifty years on.

Director: César Vayssié
Screenplay: César Vayssié
Photography: César Vayssié
Editor: César Vayssié
Music: Avia x Orly
Cast: Gabriel Gauthier, Elsa Michaud