O prasátku Lojzíkovi / About Lojzik the Little Pig / O prasiatku Lojzíkovi

animated series / 2019 / Czech Republic / col. / 20 min.

Lojzik would be a normal pig, if it weren’t for his nose – the longest in the world. It’s so long that everyone around him just can’t seem to give him a break. He gets picked on the most by his evil cousin Bruno, who arrives to the farm for the summer and decides that he will rule the farm like a strict sheriff, while Lojzik’s heart of an Indian (and his long nose) stands in his way. Lojzik soon becomes an unfortunate object of ridicule. When all seems hopeless, Lojzik stumbles upon a good friend, sparrow Čepeřák. He saw, heard and knows everything. The two friends leave the farm and set out on a great adventure. Lojzik must find the Great and Big-Nosed Chief, the only one who knows the biggest Indian secret of all. On a quest to find him, they travel through the African desert, America, Asia and even the island of Borneo.

The Film Knot Zlín

Filmový uzel Zlín (The Film Knot Zlín) is a unique center for film, culture, education and production established in the fall of 2016 on the site of film studios in Zlín at Kudlov. It resides in two reconstructed and interconnected buildings with four floors and an area of 2,000 square meters. Visitors can see an impressive exhibition on the history and personalities of the film studios and there’s a multipurpose gallery designated for art exhibitions and events, several art and animation workshops, screening rooms and a stylish film café. A whole floor is dedicated to amusement activities (Tvorivý chlievik) and there, children have a chance to learn the basics of animation through play. They can find out how Lojzik, the main hero of the tales about the Little Pig, can grow out of his book into a new series created by a team of professional animators right there, in the studio on the 4th floor.

Director: Pavel Ondrašík
Screenplay: Maroš Končok
Art Director: Roman Kudláček
Editor: Pavel Kyzlink
Music: Zdeněk Němec