Ponrepo for Kids / Ponrepo deťom

block of animated films / 1937 – 1963 / Czechoslovakia / 34 min.

The Film Education Department at the National Film Archives in Prague consistently introduces Czechoslovak cinematic heritage to the youngest of audiences. At the workshop, spectators can watch animated films from the collections of National Film Archives, they can discuss them with lecturers and later learn that images can come alive not only on film, but also on paper, all thanks to the so-called flipbook.

Song of the Prairie / 1949 / 19 min.

A parody of gunslinger stories from the Wild West.

Director: Jiří Brdečka

Play of Bubbles / 1937 / 2 min.

A colorful and abstract film that turns into an ad for turpentine soup Saponia.

Director: Irena Dodalová, Karel Dodal

The Badly-Drawn Hen / 1963 / 13 min.

The simple plot unfolds during a school art lesson, during which a young boy’s vivid imagination confronts the “realism” required by his stuffy teacher. With its ironic tone, the piece sees the filmmakers clearly espousing free thought in defiance of rigid conservatism.

Director: Jiří Brdečka