Queridísimos verdugos / Dearest Executioners / Ctihodní kati

documentary / 1977 / Spain / col. / 103 min.

Basilio Martín Patino made a remarkable underground documentary, Dearest Executioners, about the three state officials responsible for the strangling of prisoners sentenced to death (with the infamous garrote, the Spanish answer to the guillotine). By paying the three men for their interviews (and their silence), Patino was able to penetrate the mentality and the practices of the dictatorship, three years before the death of Franco.

Director: Basilio Martín Patino
Screenplay: Basilio Martín Patino
Photography: Acácio de Almeida, Augusto García Balbuena, Alfredo Fernández Mayo
Editor: Eduardo Biurrun
Music: Antonio Gamero (selection)
Cast: Claudio Rodríguez (narrator), Vicente Copete, Antonio López, Bernardo Sánchez, D. Marino Vinuesa, Andrés Sánchez Cascos, José Velasco-Escassi, Antonio Ferrer Sama, Jesús Sánchez Tello