Rose Tinted Dreams

Ružové sny

fiction / 1976 / Czechoslovakia / col. / 81 min.

Director: Dušan Hanák
Screenplay: Dušan Hanák, Dušan Dušek
Photography: Dodo Šimončič
Editor: Alfréd Benčič
Music: Petr Hapka
Cast: Juraj Nvota, Iva Bittová, Josef Hlinomaz, Marie Motlová, Ľudovít Kroner, Libuše Havelková, Václav Babka, Hana Slivková, Anton Trón

The story of a young postman Jakub unfolds as a tragicomedy, with an emphasis on the lyrical moment of confrontation between dreams, desires and the theatricality of daily life. Good-natured Jakub rides his bicycle, delivering his letters along with his good mood, moral cleanliness and unbounded dreaminess. He can amiably and fervently let his fantasy loose, swallowing knives, doing handstands on the handlebars of his bike and conjuring up chickens out of an empty pocket. That is how he likes to entertain his beloved Jolana, who lives in the Roma settlement on the edge of the village. After her grandmother dies, Jolana leaves for the city to learn sowing, Jakub runs away to be with her and they live together for a while. However, Jolana soon grows tired of Jakub’s inability to tell games from real life. The couple is also broken apart by prejudice against relationships between people from different ethnic communities.