Sčastie mojo / My Joy / Moje šťastie

fiction / 2010 / Ukraine, Germany, Netherlands / col. / 127 min.

My Joy is a tale of a truck driver Georgy. He leaves his home town with a load of goods, but he is forced to take a wrong turning on the motorway, and finds himself in the middle of nowhere. Georgy tries to find his way, but gradually, against his will, he becomes drawn in the daily life of a Russian village. In a place, where brutal force and survival instincts overcome humanity and common sense, the truck driver’s story heads for a dead end...

Director: Sergei Loznitsa
Screenplay: Sergei Loznitsa
Photography: Oleg Mutu
Editor: Danielius Kokanauskis
Cast: Alexey Vertkov, Maria Varsami, Olga Shuvalova, Viktor Nemets, Vlad Ivanov, Vladimir Golovin, Yuriy Sviridenko, Boris Kamorzin