The Bloody Lady

Krvavá pani

animated / 1980 / Czechoslovakia / col. / 77 min.

Director: Viktor Kubal
Screenplay: Viktor Kubal
Photography: Otto Geyer
Editor: Marta Solárová
Music: Juraj Lexmann

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An animated film about love and crime inspired by the historical legend of the cruel Lady of Čachtice. Elizabeth Báthory is a beloved and righteous ruler until the moment she loses her heart. She turns cruel and cold. Basing his film on the well-known legend about the Lady of Čachtice and her horrid actions, Viktor Kubal was able to create one of the most essential films of Slovak animated cinema. He captures the eternal struggle between good and evil on the backdrop of a romantic love story with elements of both comedy and tragedy. Well-observed elements of horror and Kubal’s natural regard for parody elevates The Bloody Lady into an original synthesis of the two genres. He packed all of that into imaginative and minimalist animation, thus making the film an unforgettable experience.