The Monument / Mohyla

fiction / 2019 / Slovakia / col. / 3 x 26 min.

The tale of a journey into Štefánik’s memories, where nothing is impossible. – Tablet, Anika and Dany are on a field trip at the Cairn of Milan Rastislav Štefánik on the Bradlo hill when they suddenly find themselves in the memories of this giant of history. They discover a fascinating world where anything is possible, and you can limitlessly travel through space. Štefánik’s memories come alive and the children set out on an adventure of their lives. They find themselves in the snow-blown Jannsen Observatory at Mont Blanc, in Paris, in Tahiti and in grave danger during World War I. Will they manage to find their way home or will they be forever lost in the bowels of oblivion? – “For people of firm resolve and persistence, there is no such thing as impossibility.” (Milan Rastislav Štefánik)

Director: Andrej Kolenčík
Photography: Tomasz Wierzbicki