The Poisoned Light

Otrávené světlo

fiction / 1921 / Czechoslovakia / bw / 61 min.

Directors: Jan Stanislav Kolár, Karel Lamač
Screenplay: Jan Stanislav Kolár, Karel Lamač
Photography: Otto Heller
Editor: Jan Stanislav Kolár, Karel Lamač
Music: TMA (Tomáš Martínek)
Cast: Karel Lamač, Anny Ondráková, Karel Fiala, Emil Artur Longen, Jan S. Kolár, Přemysl Pražský, Josef Šváb-Malostranský

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In 1921, Jan Stanislav Kolár and Karel Lamač created one of the most noteworthy titles of Czech silent cinema. The Poisoned Light tells an adventure story about a theft of blueprints for a groundbreaking invention, which fall into the hands of a malicious criminal named Durk. The main hero Milan Bell and the beautiful Anna set out to thwart his actions and prevent a disaster. The search for the mysterious criminal and the gradual reveal of the whole criminal plan takes place under especially peculiar circumstances. What is Durk’s identity? What happens when you smell almonds in the air? – The film became one of the most distinct and impressive films inspired by foreign cinematography. It stands out predominantly due to Kolár’s narrative perfectionism, his skillfully precise and immensely dynamic style and the duo of emerging actors Lamač – Ondráková.