Images of/against Extremism

block of short films / 1946 – 2015 / Czechoslovakia, Slovakia / bw, col. / 83 min.

The main goal of Images of/against Extremism is to strengthen the historical awareness of students and sensitize their perception and understanding of representations of serious social issues and forms of extremism. Another goal is to popularize Slovak cinema, initiating a sort of multigenerational dialogue between films created by Slovak documentarists between 1946 and 1989, and films by students of the Faculty of Film and Television at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava created post-1995, which are not accessible in regular distribution. The selection of 16 Slovak shorts stems from the belief that audiovisual art can help us gain an understanding of the world. The films are ordered thematically, touching upon subjects related to extremism: racial and ethnical hatred, religious intolerance, nationalism, political power, holocaust, media manipulation, life in exile, fear of sexuality and otherness. Each subject is represented by two films. This year, we selected films discussing racial and ethnical hatred and the holocaust.


Upre Roma

Director: Dimitrij Plichta / documentary / 1955 / Czechoslovakia / bw / 32 min.
A documentary depicting the new life of Roma people as full citizens of the republic.

Soňa and Her Family

Director: Daniela Rusnoková / documentary / 2006 / Slovakia / col. /38 min.
Young director Daniela Rusnoková has selected a family from the Roma village Rudňany and filmed their lives between 2004 and 2006.

They Are Personally Responsible for Crimes against Humanity!

Director: Ján Kadár / documentary / 1946 / Czechoslovakia / bw / 6 min.
A compilation film on the fascist crimes of the Tiso administration.


Director: Michal Toporcer / animated / 2015 / Slovakia / col. / 7 min.
The story of a Jewish carpenter who reversed the course of history.