fiction / 2018 / Austria / col. / 96 min.

L’animale is a film about the contradicting forces within us: passion, desire, reason. – Mati and her boy gang on their tuned motocross bikes are the terror of their village and make life difficult for all the girls. But when Sebastian, the leader of the pack, falls in love with Mati and she becomes friends with Carla, one of the victims of their needling, Mati runs the risk of losing her place with the boys. At the same time, a deeply hidden secret stands between Mati’s parents, and the two of them must decide: What counts for more, seeming or being?

Director: Katharina Mueckstein
Screenplay: Katharina Mueckstein
Photography: Michael Schindegger
Editor: Natalie Schwager
Music: B. Fleischmann
Cast: Sophie Stockinger, Kathrin Resetarits, Dominik Warta, Julia Franz Richter, Jack Hofer, Stefan Pohl, Dominic Marcus Singer, Simon Morzé, Eva Herzig, David Oberkogler, Martina Spitzer, Lisa C. Nemec, Johanna Orsini-Rosenberg, Gisela Salcher, Alexandra Schmidt