The Bright Spot

Svetlé miesto

documentary / 2018 / Slovakia / col. / 60 min.

Director: Dušan Trančík
Screenplay: Blanka Petráková, Dušan Trančík
Photography: Michal Černý
Editor: Peter Sedláčik
Music: Marek Šurin
Cast: Filoména Konečná, Michal Konečný, Viera Drahošová, Jindřich Šimurda, Blanka Petráková, Vladimír Šumšal, Miloš Stehlík

A film about luminaries of political, cultural and social life in the Moravian/Slovak borderlands, where the early 1900s saw a historic blossoming of the rapport between Czechs and Slovaks. Luhačovice, the first Austro-Hungarian spa town under Czech control, was home to a celebration of Slavic culture, a place where major talents and intellects joined forces to build a modern spa with a Slavic spirit in a few short seasons. Slovakia was represented impressively: the spa director was Cyril Holuby, and a significant role was played by spa physician Pavel Blaho, who, as a member of the transitional Czecho-Slovak government in Skalica, was later instrumental in ensuring Slovak participation in the new polity. The third Slovak personage was architect Dušan Jurkovič, whose architecture, influenced by the Slovak vernacular, gave the spa its stamp of originality.